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Our facility has the Air Vac clipping device which eliminates unwanted razor burn by vacuuming the hair off the clippers while the groomer cuts. The hydro surge soap dispenser also pampers by gently massaging them as they are washed in our walk in tub. We use the best grooming products available on the market.


Other grooming amenities:


Pamper Your Pet

Full service grooming

  • Shed-Less program will reduce shedding by 60-80%.

  • Canine dental and breath control.

  • Nail trimming.

  • Anal gland expressing.

  • De-matting.

  • Nail polish.

  • We also add bows and bandanas (per request) to make them look so pretty/handsome.

All grooming dogs/cats are required to provide an enrollment form (for first timers) and updated vaccination paperwork.

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Great devices


Grooming Amenities

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