Important Reasons You Should Regularly Groom Your Cat

Cats can be a lot of things: adorable, sullen, destructive, aloof, mischievous or cuddly, depending on the individual pet. The one thing they have in common? An instinctual need to groom themselves. You might watch your cat lick itself in seemingly impossible positions and think that your work here is done, so it may come as a surprise to learn that you actually should be brushing your cat once a week.

It’s not just getting rid of excess cat hair, which is a problem for all but hairless cats. You’re also teaching your cat to handle human touch, checking on their health, keeping their coats free of tangles and even bonding with them. Here are some key reasons to keep up with cat grooming in McDonough, GA:

  • Special needs and special breeds: Not all cats are able to take proper care of themselves. Some, unfortunately, have been injured. Some are paralyzed or arthritic, and all of these conditions make it hard or impossible for cats to groom themselves as they ordinarily would. Regular brushings help control the cat hair and keep their coats free of tangles, but you can also take that regular grooming time to pay attention to their breed’s particular issues, such as cleaning eye discharge on flat-faced cats.
  • Teeth and claws need help, too: Every member of your household should be taking care of their teeth, and that includes Fluffy. (After all, it’s hard to be a fierce and vengeful predator without teeth.) During your weekly brushing sessions, you should take the opportunity to trim your cat’s claws and clean their teeth. Your cat might not thank you for the trim, but your furniture will.
  • Get your cat used to being held: If you’ve ever heard the yowl disgruntled cats make when you trim their claws or put them in the bath, you know they’re secretly plotting their revenge. However, with regular sessions, they may find that their beloved food provider isn’t doing this to torture them—and it’s really not all that bad. You’ll see the benefit when visiting the vet, kennel or groomer is no longer a major ordeal.
  • Monitor Mr. Kitty’s health: When you have a lot of physical interaction with your cat, it’s easier to tell if they’ve undergone any physical changes. Some things to look for include any changes in their coat, tooth and gum health, suspicious lumps or injuries, and new sensitivity in a paw or other body part. The faster you notice a problem, the easier it will be to solve it.

Although you may have a more reluctant kind of cat, regularly grooming your cat is good for their health—and the happier your pet is, the happier you’ll be, too. When your cat needs professional grooming help, be sure to contact The Paw Pad!

The Paw Pad offers a full array of cat grooming services in McDonough, GA, and can also help you understand how to best take care of your kitty at home. Be sure to stop by or call The Paw Pad and take advantage of our decade-plus of experience serving the community’s pets.

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