The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Our poor dogs. They don’t know we’ve got to make a living (or take the occasional vacation), so when we go away, it can be very distressing for them. Even if your dog is fine with being the king or queen of the castle in your absence, they can still benefit from the human contact, socialization and exercise that they’d get in doggy daycare. Are you thinking about bringing your canine companion to doggy daycare or pet boarding in McDonough, GA? Read on for more information about how doggy daycare can benefit both you and the fluffier members of your household:

  • Your dog will get human contact: Some dogs have trouble being left alone all day—whether they’re bored or suffer from separation anxiety, the consequences can be frustrating. Separation anxiety can manifest as eating feces, defecating or peeing in inappropriate places, chewing, barking and making escape attempts. Dogs are creatures of habit, so anytime you have an opportunity to put them on a regular schedule with plenty of human and canine interaction, you’ll be helping them. Plus, no one wants to come home to a house full of chewed and broken items (or worse).
  • Your dog will get to socialize with other dogs while you’re away: Even if you only have one pet, having your dog socialize with other dogs is crucial to their development and training. You shouldn’t assume a dog will never come into contact with other animals or humans; a great benefit of doggy daycare is that they’re learning to interact properly while you take care of other business.
  • Expert-supervised playtime means exercise and training opportunities: The more your dog has a chance to run and play, the more likely it is they won’t have any energy left for some of the more destructive symptoms of separation anxiety. Plus, expert dog trainers are better able to read the dog’s body language and understand when to separate pets—that’s a lot easier than trying to judge whether Fido at the dog park is about to make a meal out of Fluffy.
  • Less worry for you: Many dog owners feel guilty about having to leave their pets at home, but putting your dog into daycare should set your mind at ease. So many pet owners love canine companionship, but modern life doesn’t always allow us to be as present as we’d like. When you utilize a doggy daycare service, you can feel safe knowing that your dog will get plenty of potty opportunities as well as regular feedings and human attention. You and your dog will both be happy, which will make the time you spend together that much more pleasurable.

If you’re ready to explore dog daycare in McDonough, GA or have questions about pet grooming and training solutions, be sure to stop by or call The Paw Pad. We have over a decade of experience in taking the best care of your pets when you need help most. We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

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