How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Healthy During the Winter

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is skewing colder. Winter is almost upon us, and with the changing seasons comes a host of new challenges for Georgia cat owners. In much the same way that you prepare for the cold by layering up and bracing yourself for chilly weather, your cat goes through a similar process or prepping for the winter months.

As a caring and conscientious pet owner, here are some steps you can take to practice proper feline winter care in McDonough, GA.

Tips for indoor cats

Even if they’re not venturing outside, your indoor cat will still need some help adjusting to cooler temperatures and shorter days.

The first thing to think about is warmth. If your cat sleeps primarily on one specific bed, consider moving it off the ground to avoid drafts. Whenever possible, you should also keep your curtains pulled back to allow natural sunlight into your home.

If you have a few extra blankets, consider putting them in spots your cat enjoys, so they have a bit of extra insulation during the colder days of the year.

Tips for outdoor cats

We’ll put our cards on the table: the best thing you can do to promote cat winter care in McDonough, GA is to keep them indoors. Not only will staying indoors keep them safe from harsh weather, but it will also help them avoid violent run-ins with other cats and danger from cars on the road.

Keeping your cat inside isn’t always a feasible solution, of course. If your cat does spend time outside, make sure that their routine doesn’t change as the weather turns colder. Keeping their regular hours outside will promote the growth of a thicker coat, which will help with winter weather.

If your cat has a bed or shelter outdoors, make sure to pick it up off the ground if possible. If you feed your cat outdoors or leave a can of food out for them, make sure it doesn’t freeze on very cold days.

General tips and tricks

There are a few general rules to keep in mind for both indoor and outdoor cats in the winter.

You may find that your cat’s appetite increases during the winter. It may be tempting to keep providing more food to keep up with your cat’s hunger, but be careful about overfeeding. Cats can gain weight during the winter if you’re not careful.

Older cats may find it more challenging to move around during the colder months, so consider leaving some food and water where it’s easily accessible to them.

Trust the best

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