Our Advice for Senior Dog Care

The internet may fawn over a cute, rambunctious puppy, but dog owners who’ve seen their pups grow into mature, gray-snooted senior animals understand the power of an affection that grows deeper with each passing year. Naturally, you want to provide the best senior dog care in McDonough, GA, but the same things that worked for your puppy will not work for your senior dog.

If you’re unsure as to how to provide the best care for your senior dog, here are a few tips.

Consider non-skid surfaces

As your dog ages, his or her joints will become more sensitive. As a result, a slip on a hardwood or tile floor could cause severe pain for your senior dog. Think about adding floor runners or rugs to help your dog navigate your home more securely.

Add some extra steps to the bed

If you’re one of the millions of dog owners who sleeps alongside Fido in the bed, you might consider adding a few steps from the ground to the bed so that he or she won’t have to jump up and down onto the mattress continuously.

A dose of fish oil

There are a lot of dog supplements out there, but fish oil is a simple addition to a dog’s diet that has been proven to contribute to a healthy coat and decreased joint pain.

Keep up the activity

Naturally, older dogs won’t be as active as they once were. Still, regular exercise is a critical part of senior dog care in McDonough, GA. Make sure to walk your senior dog consistently and allow them some time to run and play so long as they’re up for it.

A better bed

An orthopedic foam bed will run you about $40 online, and it’s certainly worth the investment to ease your senior dog’s joints after a nice, brisk walk.

The cuddle exam

Obviously, one of the best parts of owning a pet is the cuddling, but a good petting session is also an opportunity to check for lumps or bumps on your senior dog that may hint at serious affliction.

Don’t rearrange on a whim

Senior dogs tend to be a big fan of routine. That includes your home’s floor plan. Avoid rearranging the furniture and keep debris off the floor, as both can flummox a senior dog.

Bring out the pup in your senior dog

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