Winter Dog Grooming Tips for Every Pet Owner

Ensuring that your beloved family dog is adequately groomed year-round is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed and their coat brushed is critical to a dog’s health. Of course, you work to keep your dog well-groomed all year long, but winter dog grooming in McDonough, GA is especially important.

Grooming is still necessary during the winter

There’s a mistaken belief, especially among owners of older dogs, that grooming can take a break over the winter. When the days turn short, most dogs spend the majority of their time inside. As a result, owners may operate under the impression that their dog isn’t doing enough to merit a bath.

Winter dog care in McDonough, GA may be the most crucial grooming you do all year.

Combatting the wet

The fall and winter tend to be the wettest parts of the year in the area. When your dog goes outside for walks, moisture can get in between their toes and into their fur. Even if they’re not particularly rambunctious, your dog will get wet during the winter.

As such, it’s essential to keep your dog’s coat trimmed to make toweling them dry easier after a walk. You should keep brushing them regularly to remove excess hair, as well.

Focus on the pad

The winter months can be rough on your dog’s paws. Mud, snow and moisture can find their ways onto your pup’s pads after even a short stroll around the block. After your dog comes in, make sure you thoroughly wipe down their footpads, even if it doesn’t look like they’re wet or dirty.

Working with the winter coat

The coats of several dog breeds will get thicker in the winter to account for the increasing cold. That extra hair acts as a magnet for dirt and water. As a result, it needs to be brushed more often and bathed more regularly.

Keeping the nails trimmed

If your dog responds to the colder months by sticking to their bed, then it’s more important than ever to keep their nails trimmed to account for the fact that they’re not outside wearing down their nails with regular walks and playtime.

Use sweaters outside only

As adorable as your dog may look in their coat or sweater, you need to understand that the longer they wear it, the more uncomfortable it can become. Sweaters and jackets can rub against their fur, they can get itchy and they can promote mats.

If your dog still seems cold indoors, consider wrapping them in a blanket.

Your winter grooming partner

As important as it is to engage in more frequent winter dog grooming in McDonough, GA, it’s equally critical to ensure that you’re having your dog groomed by someone who is adequately trained for the job.

At The Paw Pad, our highly-trained experts are selected for their love of the animals they treat. You can count on us for personalized, attentive care every time you visit us. Give us a call today and let us turn you into a believer.

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