Cleaning Tips for Pet Allergies

Life is better with pets. A dog, cat or other pet brings so much joy and happiness to a home. When a person discovers they suffer from pet allergies, the idea of re-homing beloved four-legged friends is simply out of the question. Instead of finding a new home for your dog or cat, learn these easy pet allergy cleaning tips in McDonough, GA.

Regular grooming

Dander can build up on an animal’s coat and skin, adding to the allergens they release into your home every time they come in from your backyard. Consistent bathing and brushing will minimize the volume of allergens your pets carry around and deposit in your home. If possible, bathe and brush pets outside so allergens released during the process don’t float around in the air in your home.

Reduce clutter

One of the most important pet allergy cleaning tips in McDonough, GA is reducing clutter in your home. The more clutter you have in your home, the more surfaces and spaces for allergens to come to rest upon. The next time you touch that stack of old books or random knickknacks, all of those resting allergens are suddenly kicked up into the air you breathe. Clearing clutter out of your home minimizes the nooks and crannies where allergens remain waiting until you disturb them.

Vacuum correctly

How you vacuum and the type of vacuum you use can impact how well you are cleaning allergens out of your home. Those who suffer from pet allergies will want to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Additionally, while vacuuming, you want to wear a face mask so you’re not inhaling any of the allergens that were in your carpet. Also, make sure you are vacuuming at least once a week.

Minimize carpeting

Think about how often your pets stretch out and roll around on the carpeting in your home. Now consider how many allergens your pets have released into that carpeting over the years. Carpeting is the perfect place for allergens to settle in, waiting for the opportunity to be jostled enough to circulate in the air and irritate your sinuses, respiratory system and eyes. If possible, you’ll want to replace carpet in your home with hard flooring options such as tile or wood. These surfaces are easier to clean than carpet and offer fewer crevices for allergens to hide in. If you can’t remove carpeting from your home, you’ll want to vacuum at least once a week and regularly shampoo it as well.

Cover filters

If your home uses forced air heating and cooling systems, you’ll want to cover the vents throughout your home, especially in your bedroom, with some sort of filter. Forced air systems make it easy for allergens to spread throughout your home with ease. Something as simple as cheese cloth used over your vents can filter out many of the allergens that will cause you to start sneezing.

Pets are a part of the family, and the allergens contained in the coats and saliva are just a part of life with these furry companions. For everything from grooming to training, The Paw Pad has what you need to help you care for your pets and minimize your allergic reactions to them. Our experts can also offer other pet allergy cleaning tips in McDonough, GA to help you. Visit us today!

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