Dog Sweaters: A Gifting Guide

A dog is everyone’s best friend. These loyal, cuddly and adoring creatures are joyous additions to any family. As the weather gets chillier and humans begin to bundle up against the elements, many wonder whether their canine companions would also like to wear something to help keep them warm. For those shopping for dog sweaters in McDonough, GA, brush up on a few tips before making a purchase for your pup.

Should dogs wear sweaters?

There is actually quite a bit of debate about whether or not dog sweaters in McDonough, GA are necessary. While larger dogs are better equipped to regulate their body temperature, that is not the case for smaller breeds and those with thin skin and short coats. The best way to determine if your dog would benefit from a sweater or jacket of some kind is by observing his or her behavior as it gets cold. Do they burrow under the blankets? Do they sleep right up against you in bed? Do they insist on sitting in your lap? These are signs that your pup needs some extra protection from the wintry weather.


If you’ve determined a sweater will help your furry friend make it through the cold winter months, the next step is to measure him or her to find the right size. You’ll want to measure your dog’s neck circumference, chest circumference and torso length. It also helps to get your pooch on the scale to determine his or her current weight. Just as clothing sizes vary for humans, the same is true for pet clothes. Having these measurements will make it easier to find the accurate size for your pet.


You’ve found a sweater that is the correct size for your dog, but is it comfortable for them? Make sure the neck opening isn’t too tight and that their front legs aren’t being pinched in their openings. Also, check to see if the sweater or jacket will get in the way when your canine companion has to go to the bathroom. Mostly, does your dog seem comfortable wearing the piece of clothing you purchased? If possible, bring your dog into the store where you are shopping so he or she can try on the item before you buy it. If you’re buying online, order several different sizes to find the right one.

Sweater materials

When will your dog be wearing his or her sweater? Just around the house, or out on walks? For a sweater he or she will wear while indoors only, look at fleece or knit options. However, for an outdoor-friendly option, find a sweater or jacket made of water-resistant materials that will wick away snow or cold rain while spending time outside. Some dog jackets have fleece interiors and water-resistant exteriors to keep your dog warm and dry.

Shopping for dog sweaters in McDonough, GA but not sure where to start? The Paw Pad has a large selection to accommodate your dog. Our pet experts can guide you to the right fit and style for your pup, too. Give us a call today with any questions you might have about sweaters or jackets for your dog.

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