Tips to Calm Your Dog

Just as humans experience anxiety and stress, the same is true for canines. For any number of reasons, dogs may suffer from nervousness or restlessness. Whether it’s a visit to the groomers or neighbors setting off fireworks, you may find that calming your anxious dog in McDonough, GA is easier than you suspect. Usually, a combination of the following tips will help you ease your dog’s worries and tensions.

Turn up the tunes

Research has found that music, particularly soft rock and reggae, has a soothing effect on anxious pups. Multiple studies have shown that playing music for stressed hounds reduces heart rate and cortisol levels. If your pooch experiences separation anxiety or struggles with the noise of fireworks, thunderstorms, power tools and so on, some mellow melodies may help with calming your anxious dog in McDonough, GA.

Increase activity

For jittery pets, more exercise and play may be beneficial. Many humans turn to the great outdoors for comfort and peace, and you can do the same for your furry four-legged friends. Take Fido out on a walk or toss around a ball or frisbee in the yard with him or her. The quality time you spend with your dog in nature allows them to burn off extra energy instead of lazing around inside feeling on edge.

Cuddle time

Belly rubs and slow, steady petting are an excellent way to soothe a distressed dog. The bond you’ve built with your pet has the power to calm even the most terrified terrier. A cowering canine needs the reassurance provided by the gentle touch of the person they trust most. Of course, a dog that is snarling with hackles raised needs space, but if your pooch is trembling with his or her head hung low, then reach out to reassure them that is everything is going to be fine.

Approved aromatherapy

Dogs have a very sensitive and keen sense of scent. That is why aromatherapy can work miracles for a downturned dog. By using their incredible nose, you can alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety in your beloved pet.

You’ll want to purchase veterinarian-approved essential oils formulated specifically to address the symptoms of stress in a nervous pooch. Not only will the correct aromatherapy blend have the approval of a veterinary professional, but it will also be properly diluted and balanced. Be aware that there are essential oils that are toxic for dogs, so don’t share the ones you use for yourself. A calming essential oil mixture should be applied gently to a dog’s back in a place where he or she cannot lick the substance off.

As a premier provider of pet grooming, daycare, training and boarding, the staff at The Paw Pad understands everything about calming your anxious dog in McDonough, GA. Maybe you have concerns about bringing your pup in for grooming or training at our facility because you know your canine companion gets nervous or easily stressed. Not to worry! Contact us today to discuss how we’ll assist your dog while providing the finest pet services in the area.

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