Why Should You Give Your Dog Pool Time?

At last, the cold days of winter are fading away, and the warmer spring and summer weather is upon us. For a lot of people, thoughts turn to beating the heat by taking a nice, refreshing dip in the local pool. If you think your family pup won’t benefit from something similar, you are mistaken—there are numerous benefits to water exercise for dogs in McDonough, GA.

Relieve joint stress

Is your senior dog still the same lively dog you’ve known since they were a pup? That’s the case for a lot of dogs. The spirit may be willing, but the body just isn’t up to the fun of romping and running anymore. Enter pool time—swimming is a great activity that allows your aging pup to get out some of that energy without putting stress on their weathered joints. Swimming is especially useful for dogs that have been diagnosed with early signs of arthritis or dysplasia.

Swim off some weight

Has the winter weather turned your family pup a little bit heftier? Water exercise for dogs in McDonough, GA is an excellent way to get your dog back into shape without putting a lot of excess stress on their body. Think of it as the safe, productive weight loss alternative for your dog.

Improve mental and physical health

Here’s a notion you will likely understand. Imagine jumping into a clear pool on a hot summer day. Not only does the crisp water revitalize your senses, but it also accelerates your heart rate and improves your lung function. In short, swimming is a one-size-fits-all form of rejuvenation for people. The same is 100 percent true for your dog.

Pool time is fun time

As beneficial as pool time can be for your pup, some dogs aren’t keen to dive into the pool whenever they get the opportunity. In these cases, you’ll have to take a deliberate approach when introducing your dog to the pool. If you can swing it, start off by purchasing a shallow dog pool in McDonough, GA and having your dog play in it. Then, slowly move your dog to the pool by playing nearby. Next, have your dog play on the steps. Finally, have them plunge into the pool with full force.

If your dog remains uncertain about getting fully into the pool, they might need a life jacket. If your dog will be in a body of water that’s not a pool, a life jacket is an absolute necessity.

Let The Paw Pad help

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