Why Training a Dog for Office Visits Should Be Part of Pet Owners’ Routines

Training your dog is perhaps the biggest and most important task facing a responsible pet owner. Your dog should be well-trained so as to avoid any dangerous situations. You want to be sure that they’ll listen if they’re told to halt when heading towards a busy road, for example, but there are other training situations that you should keep in mind as well.

Office visits for dogs in McDonough, GA are one of the key points you’ll want to consider when training your dog. Your pet should be at ease in any environment you bring them into, which could include your workplace, the vet or the groomer.

Dogs in the office environment

Bringing dogs into the workplace is a perk that’s being offered by more and more companies these days. It’s a great feature of many workplaces that can make for improved morale (and lower costs of pet-sitting, to be sure), but you want to be sure you’re introducing your furry friend in a responsible manner.

First, make sure the dog is up to date on all of its vaccinations, as this helps protect your pet as well as any others being brought into your workplace. Furthermore, make sure you’ve undertaken socialization training with your dog so it’s not agitated by sounds, different people or different sights. Pet behavior training in McDonough, GA should include preparing your dog for unfamiliar settings so they’re able to thrive anywhere.

Make sure you’re up to date on company policy

As stated above, many companies allow dogs in the workplace now, but be sure you’re fully aware of what this means. Some employers might only allow them on Fridays, for example, or every other day during the work week. You don’t want to be in the dark about this and have your dog be the only one wandering around the office, so read up on your company’s policies. Also, be sure you’re aware of any coworkers who aren’t comfortable around dogs so office visits from dogs in McDonough, GA are safe and happy for everyone.

Pet-proofing goes a long way

Pet professionals everywhere recommend pet-proofing your office space before bringing your dog to the workplace. Making office visits safe for dogs in McDonough, GA includes such actions as getting loose cords out of the way and having a doggie gate in the office so your pet can’t roam freely. Put their food and water in an accessible place, ensure the water bowl stays full and put out a comfortable bed for them to nap on so they don’t settle in on the brand-new couch in the break room.

Bringing your dog to the workplace can be an exciting and relaxing way to boost morale and reduce stress if you follow some basic training and preparation tips. Bringing your dog in for a grooming session before showing them off to your coworkers is also a great idea—give The Paw Pad a call and be certain your dog is looking and feeling its best before its first day at the office!

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