Three Reasons to Use Dog Boots

One of the most critical aspects of taking care of your beloved family dog is ensuring they get regular walks. At every age, from puppy to senior, routine walks are good for your dog’s health and socialization. As you’re walking them around a park or neighborhood, however, certain threats are present.

For example, you try to steer clear of aggressive dogs. You limit what your pup eats on their walk. But are you doing everything you can to protect your dog’s whole body? When they’re running, walking and playing, your dog’s feet are at risk. You can protect them with a pair of dog boots.

If you haven’t considered them before now, there are plenty of reasons to use dog shoes in McDonough, GA.

Weather-related hazards

You might think that since they’re animals, the cold and heat don’t have much of an impact on your dog’s feet. That’s not the case. In fact, the pads on the bottoms of your dog’s feet are almost as susceptible as your own. You wouldn’t walk around outside in the driving snow or sweltering heat in your bare feet, so why would you let your dog?

Your pup’s feet are susceptible to burns and blisters during the summer. In the winter, snow and ice can stick to your pup’s paws, melting and leading to serious discomfort. Dog boots can protect them from salt, as well as provide more traction on icy sidewalks and streets.

Winter weather chemicals

Many neighborhoods and municipalities seek to help their residents by sprinkling the street and sidewalk with de-icing agents, like coarse salt and chemicals. Avoiding these contaminants is one of the primary benefits of using dog boots in McDonough, GA.

When your dog walks through these substances on bare feet, these chemicals can get stuck to the hair on their paws. When your family pet licks these materials off their feet at the end of the walk, it can lead to serious health problems, including nausea, vomiting and more.

Barbs and sticks

Though individual seasons pose unique threats to your pooch at various times throughout the year, the potential to step on harmful objects is present all year round. When they’re running through the grass or tromping through the underbrush, your dog runs the risk of stepping on sharp objects that can puncture their feet.

Smaller items like thorns can penetrate your dog’s foot and get lodged there. This can lead to pain, swelling and even infections.

Your pet care experts

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