Follow These Steps to Help Make the Holidays Safer for Your Pets

With guests in town, decorations hung throughout the house and an abundance of food, the holidays can be dangerous for your pets. There’s no telling what your pet might get into or knock down. Thankfully, the team at The Paw Pad can help! Continue reading to learn how private pet training lessons in McDonough, GA and some easy at-home fixes can keep your pets safe and sound:

  • Hire a trainer beforehand: Professional training lessons are the best way to keep your pet safe and well-behaved when guests are in town. Private lessons are available for puppies as well as older dogs who just need to brush up on their skills.
  • Place food out of reach: Pets can be awfully quick when it comes to grabbing food off the table or kitchen counters. Be sure to keep plates and serving dishes away from the edges of the table, where a pet could easily sneak a bite.
  • Watch out for treats: A pet is never going to turn down the opportunity to get a treat. If you’re having guests over, make sure you state your treat policy before they arrive. Your guests should know what kind of treats your pets are allowed to have and understand how frequently pets are allowed to have treats.
  • Keep holiday plants away: Holly, mistletoe, lilies and other holiday plants should be kept out of reach of pets. These plants’ leaves and stems could make them sick, potentially necessitating an emergency trip to the vet.
  • Ditch the tinsel: It often seems no amount of private pet training lessons in McDonough, GA can stop a cat from attacking or knocking the tinsel off a Christmas tree. If you have a cat running around, forget about the tinsel this year, and be sure to hang all ornaments higher off the ground.
  • Secure your tree: Whether you have a real or artificial Christmas tree, be sure that it’s nice and tight in its stand. Pets running through the house have been known to knock over trees, injuring themselves and other family members.
  • Provide a safe space: A kennel or crate is invaluable for pets when guests are over. This is a nice, safe space where they can be alone and away from all of the commotion. If you have a spare room, you should set up a comfortable bed so your pets have a whole room to themselves.
  • Consider boarding: For ultimate pet safety during the holidays or when you have guests in town, bring your animals to a boarding facility or pet daycare. Your pet will be allowed to run around and play with other pets, and you won’t have to worry about their safety.

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