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When Can My Dog Start Going to Daycare?

When’s the “right” age for your dog to start going to daycare? If you ask five different people, you’re liable to get as many different answers. When you ask the experts, you can expect to hear just one: “It depends.” Deciding the right time to put your puppies in dog daycare in McDonough, GA hinges […]

Flea and Tick Preventative Measures

Fleas and ticks don’t just make your pet (and your family) uncomfortable—they can spread disease and cause real health problems for your animals. As spring approaches, no one is more excited to go outside and take a walk than your dog—which is why it’s so important to get a flea and tick prevention plan in […]

About Emotional Support and Service Animals

As a top-rated pet grooming, boarding, training and daycare provider, we see dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors and purposes. Some canines are simply members of the family adored for their adorable antics and kind dispositions. However, other pooches are trained to assist people with a number of tasks. Service animals in McDonough, GA differ […]

Tips to Calm Your Dog

Just as humans experience anxiety and stress, the same is true for canines. For any number of reasons, dogs may suffer from nervousness or restlessness. Whether it’s a visit to the groomers or neighbors setting off fireworks, you may find that calming your anxious dog in McDonough, GA is easier than you suspect. Usually, a […]

Dog Sweaters: A Gifting Guide

A dog is everyone’s best friend. These loyal, cuddly and adoring creatures are joyous additions to any family. As the weather gets chillier and humans begin to bundle up against the elements, many wonder whether their canine companions would also like to wear something to help keep them warm. For those shopping for dog sweaters […]