Six Good Large Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Dogs make excellent additions to any family with kids, but you still need to be informed about how specific breeds might fit into your lifestyle. When you have children of any age, it is best to choose from recommended large dog breeds for families so you reduce the likelihood of bites or anxious behavior. If […]

Recommended Healthy Cat Toys

There’s nothing worse than a bored cat. They walk around meowing loudly, scratching up the curtains and the furniture and using the bathroom wherever they please. In the past, cat owners would let their furry friend outdoors for the day to hunt and play before they came home to nap it off. That’s not the […]

Games to Play with Your Dog

When it comes to taking care of your precious pooch, there are really only three things you need to concern yourself with. The first is feeding them properly, using a mixture of a nutrient-rich diet and a handful of healthy treats. The second step to excellent dog care is hygiene. Make sure their nails are […]

Why Training a Dog for Office Visits Should Be Part of Pet Owners’ Routines

Training your dog is perhaps the biggest and most important task facing a responsible pet owner. Your dog should be well-trained so as to avoid any dangerous situations. You want to be sure that they’ll listen if they’re told to halt when heading towards a busy road, for example, but there are other training situations […]

Five Tips to Keep Up Between Dog Grooming Visits

Bringing your dog to the groomer is a big deal. The dog gets to feel pampered and primped, and you get to walk out of The Paw Pad with a groomed pet who’s ready to take on the world. However, dog grooming visits can’t happen every day, and it’s helpful to recognize that there are […]