Our Advice for Senior Dog Care

The internet may fawn over a cute, rambunctious puppy, but dog owners who’ve seen their pups grow into mature, gray-snooted senior animals understand the power of an affection that grows deeper with each passing year. Naturally, you want to provide the best senior dog care in McDonough, GA, but the same things that worked for […]

Do Long Nails Hurt Dogs?

As a dog owner, you may have gotten used to the familiar click-clack-click-clack of your dog’s nails on the pavement as they take their daily walk. You might even think that those long nails aren’t harming your beloved pup, especially if your dog still seems to run and play as normal. Unfortunately for those pet […]

Important Reasons You Should Regularly Groom Your Cat

Cats can be a lot of things: adorable, sullen, destructive, aloof, mischievous or cuddly, depending on the individual pet. The one thing they have in common? An instinctual need to groom themselves. You might watch your cat lick itself in seemingly impossible positions and think that your work here is done, so it may come […]

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Our poor dogs. They don’t know we’ve got to make a living (or take the occasional vacation), so when we go away, it can be very distressing for them. Even if your dog is fine with being the king or queen of the castle in your absence, they can still benefit from the human contact, […]