The Top Reasons Your Dog Follows You Everywhere

Every dog is unique, with individual preferences, tendencies and personality traits. But there are certain traits that many dogs exhibit regardless of temperament—including the tendency to follow owners around everywhere. If you feel like your dog is your second shadow, you might be wondering why. Is that level of attachment healthy? Is this something you […]

Five Tips on Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

Cats are territorial, which makes introducing another cat to your household a bit tricky. If you do not know how to introduce cats to each other properly, you could end up with a giant hissy-fit mess! There are ways to do this without causing undue stress on current and new cats. Here are five tips […]

Six Good Large Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Dogs make excellent additions to any family with kids, but you still need to be informed about how specific breeds might fit into your lifestyle. When you have children of any age, it is best to choose from recommended large dog breeds for families so you reduce the likelihood of bites or anxious behavior. If […]

Recommended Healthy Cat Toys

There’s nothing worse than a bored cat. They walk around meowing loudly, scratching up the curtains and the furniture and using the bathroom wherever they please. In the past, cat owners would let their furry friend outdoors for the day to hunt and play before they came home to nap it off. That’s not the […]

Games to Play with Your Dog

When it comes to taking care of your precious pooch, there are really only three things you need to concern yourself with. The first is feeding them properly, using a mixture of a nutrient-rich diet and a handful of healthy treats. The second step to excellent dog care is hygiene. Make sure their nails are […]