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How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Warm Through the Winter

Ideally, if you have a cat under your protection, you should be making every effort to keep them exclusively indoors. It’s safer for them (and the local wildlife). Of course, anyone who’s been adopted by a kitty cat understands that a cat will do what a cat is going to do. If your cat hankers […]

Five Tips on Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

Cats are territorial, which makes introducing another cat to your household a bit tricky. If you do not know how to introduce cats to each other properly, you could end up with a giant hissy-fit mess! There are ways to do this without causing undue stress on current and new cats. Here are five tips […]

Recommended Healthy Cat Toys

There’s nothing worse than a bored cat. They walk around meowing loudly, scratching up the curtains and the furniture and using the bathroom wherever they please. In the past, cat owners would let their furry friend outdoors for the day to hunt and play before they came home to nap it off. That’s not the […]

How Often Should You Brush a Cat?

Have you ever reached out to stroke your cat, only to come away with a handful of hair? Cats are known for shedding, and while they do a great job of grooming themselves with their tongues, you can reduce the amount of shedding by brushing your cats on a regular basis. The frequency with which […]

How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Healthy During the Winter

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is skewing colder. Winter is almost upon us, and with the changing seasons comes a host of new challenges for Georgia cat owners. In much the same way that you prepare for the cold by layering up and bracing yourself for chilly weather, your cat goes through […]