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Three Reasons to Use Dog Boots

One of the most critical aspects of taking care of your beloved family dog is ensuring they get regular walks. At every age, from puppy to senior, routine walks are good for your dog’s health and socialization. As you’re walking them around a park or neighborhood, however, certain threats are present. For example, you try […]

The Top Reasons Your Dog Follows You Everywhere

Every dog is unique, with individual preferences, tendencies and personality traits. But there are certain traits that many dogs exhibit regardless of temperament—including the tendency to follow owners around everywhere. If you feel like your dog is your second shadow, you might be wondering why. Is that level of attachment healthy? Is this something you […]

Games to Play with Your Dog

When it comes to taking care of your precious pooch, there are really only three things you need to concern yourself with. The first is feeding them properly, using a mixture of a nutrient-rich diet and a handful of healthy treats. The second step to excellent dog care is hygiene. Make sure their nails are […]

Why Should You Give Your Dog Pool Time?

At last, the cold days of winter are fading away, and the warmer spring and summer weather is upon us. For a lot of people, thoughts turn to beating the heat by taking a nice, refreshing dip in the local pool. If you think your family pup won’t benefit from something similar, you are mistaken—there […]

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Baby

Having a baby is an incredibly exciting process, but there are lots of different things you’ll need to think about before you bring your newborn home. One of the biggest concerns for pet owners is the way in which dogs might respond to a new baby. Every dog is different, and it’s impossible to predict […]