Dog Training & Pet Training

$25 Dog Training Evaluation

Every dog/owner pair has its own set of obstacles and needs. To make sure your pet is getting the most effective training, we offer a $25 evaluation at our McDonough facility. We’ll gather basic information about you and your pet and help define your training goals.

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Dog Training & Pet Training

Private Training Sessions & Creating Goals

The Paw Pad enlists the expertise of experienced dog training professionals to help dogs of all ages learn and grow. We offer private pet training sessions to pet owners and dogs in McDonough, GA for the fastest, most effective training possible.

Our program includes one-on-one training sessions and “homework” exercises you and your dog will practice on your own. We provide both basic obedience training and behavior modification designed to meet your dog’s specific needs and skill level.

If your pup is demonstrating concerning behaviors, or you’d just like to improve its skills, dog training in McDonough, GA can make a big difference. At The Paw Pad, our goal is to help you and your dog develop a stronger bond while teaching your dog new things and improving its behavior and temperament.

Pet Training

All dogs that are enrolled in our pet training program in McDonough, GA must undergo an evaluation. This helps us learn more about you and your pet and define specific goals for training.

Positive Reinforcement

Then, we’ll employ various training techniques and positive reinforcement to help your dog learn common verbal commands, rectify problem behaviors and achieve your training goals.

Long Lasting Results

Humans will learn from these programs, too! Our dog training clients in McDonough, GA have found tremendous success through our programs due to our emphasis on continuing the education at home.

Dog Training Outcomes

Our training programs help your dog master common verbal commands such as sit, lay down, come, and heel. At the same time, we take on behavior challenges like leash pulling, barking, and jumping. Our personalized approach has helped dogs of all ages.

If your pup will be visiting The Paw Pad for daycare or boarding, it can also receive special training time during its stay. Daytime visitors can opt to receive between 30 and 60 minutes of training during daycare.

Boarding training is available to hotel guests staying a week or longer. Your dog will receive no less than two hours of training per day.

If your dog is staying in our boarding facility for one week or longer, you can elect to have it trained for a minimum of two hours each day. Give your dog the chance to return smarter and more confident through these training options!

Dog training

Options For All Needs

Private training sessions are our most popular and effective method. One of our trainers will meet one-on-one with your dog and guide him towards better communication and understanding. We take on both basic obedience training and behavior modification.

Using various techniques, we strive to meet 3 goals:

Teaching your dog to respond to verbal commands
Teaching you and your family how to continue training into the home and beyond
Ensure your dog retains his new knowledge with ongoing support and coaching
We also offer daycare training to our daytime visitors. These sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

After your dog’s training is complete, your trainer will give you a “PAWgress report”

This report will give you details of your dog’s performance. You’ll be given “homework” in the form of practice and exercises to solidify your furry friend’s new skills outside the classroom. To learn more about our dog training programs or to schedule an evaluation, contact us at (678) 759-1685.