Dog Grooming & Pet Grooming

Routine grooming is a crucial component of pet care. Instead of wrangling your dog into the tub or carefully trimming your cat’s nails at home, enlist the help of the professional groomers at The Paw Pad! We offer a variety of cat and dog grooming services to help pets in McDonough, GA stay healthy and clean. We use only the best products and grooming tools available on the market to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests. Come to us for all your pet’s grooming needs, from washing and haircuts to nail trims.

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Dog Grooming & Pet Grooming

Individualized Grooming Experiences by Professionals

The Paw Pad hires professionally trained groomers to take care of all your pet’s grooming needs. When you drop your pet off for dog grooming in McDonough, GA, you can be sure our staff will treat your pet like one of their own, keeping them relaxed and happy while they are treated to luxurious services.

While we service your pet, we will also check its skin, paws and coat for abnormalities and early signs of health problems you should be aware of.

Overall Health

Routine grooming keeps your dog’s fur and skin healthy and comfortable. Imagine wearing a smelly, dirty coat all day. Your dog doesn’t like the idea either!

Reduce Shedding

Ordinary brushing helps, but it can’t get the whole job done. Some dogs have multiple coats of fur. A professional grooming frees up hair in the deepest layers. He’ll feel better and shed less, a win for both of you!

Nail Maintenance Matters

Your dog’s nails will grow continuously unless maintained, and this can lead to health problems. Excessively long nails cause discomfort and can disrupt your dog’s paw structure and posture.

Health Screenings

Without excess hair or mats, potential health concerns are easier to notice. Groomers are trained to check your dog’s skin & paws for abnormalities as part of their process.

Choose Between Grooming Packages or a-la-Carte Services

Because every pet has different needs, The Paw Pad has a number of groom and bath packages to choose from, as well as individual salon services. Canine guests can also enjoy playtime in our doggie daycare spaces before and after their grooming services. We’re proud to offer the following dog and cat grooming services in McDonough, GA:

Decorative bows or bandanas
Dental and breath control
Nail trail and polish
Washing and drying, complete with a gentle massage

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TLC, Training, & Technology – a Perfect Combination

Our highly trained groomers will treat your pet like one of their own. They’ll take the time to get to know your pet to make sure the grooming experience is relaxed and happy.

We use the Air Vac clipping device, which prevents discomfort by vacuuming the hair off the clippers while they cut.
The hydro-surge provides your dog a gentle massage in our walk-in bathtub.
Choose from our full groom and bath packages, or select any number of salon services.

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To schedule an appointment, call us today at (678) 759-1685! Owners of all first-time grooming guests will be required to fill out an enrollment form and vaccine paperwork prior to their appointment.